What gambling sites accept PayPal?

PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods and it is no wonder that more and more online sports betting operators want to integrate this payment provider, known among clients for its security & safety. Check this article to know which gambling sites that accept PayPal.

PayPal developed to be one of the most important payment services for sports betting and the American service provider is especially popular in Germany.

Best gambling sites that accept PayPal

Best gambling sites that accept PayPal If you are looking for the best gambling sites that accept PayPal, you will be able to choose from a broad collection. From Betway to 888Sports, bet-at-home, Betano, bet365, Bet3000, William Hill, Tipwin, Bwin & More like this. The choice is yours.


-Very safe deposit method

-Direct debit of sports betting balance

-Usually no deposit fees

-Quick withdrawals immediately after internal processing by the bookmaker

-Renowned and serious

-Account can be used for all kinds of online paymentsDisadvantages

-In some cases PayPal charges fees for withdrawals & deposits

-Money needs to be transferred to bank after withdrawal

Why should I use PayPal for sports betting?

If you would like to make a quick deposit to most of the renown sports betting providers, PayPal is only a quick & safe way but you will also find various ways to top up your PayPal account.

Depositing to a sports book provider will be immediate after confirmation and rarely require a validation because this procedure was already handled by PayPal during account registration. PayPal offers easy withdrawals, but it is possible that you will encounter a 2.9% withdrawal fee.

Some online gambling sites providers cover those costs, but this will vary based on company policies and regulations. Withdrawing money from PayPal to your bank account is free of charge, but using a credit/debit card will cost you a small fee.

No wonder that PayPal is renown for its safety & security as the American payment solution is one of the oldest eWallets on the market. Once you have used the software while experience the security measures, you will know for yourself.

Player protection is the most important value for PayPal and the service provider constantly works on improving identification of fraudulent logins as well as transactions to not only protect the player?s balances but also their security and privacy.

Why should I not use PayPal on gambling sites that accept PayPal?

The main complaint is the 2.9% fee for withdrawals. On top of that, depending on your country of stay and use of payment methods that you want to connect to PayPal, there may be an additional fee that you will have to cover.

The PayPal customer support is less than perfect. Online gambling is not the only black sheep on the market, as eBay reports monthly a high number of chargebacks.

How do I place sports bets using PayPal?

To place a deposit using PayPal, you will have to login to your favourite sports betting operator, then switch to deposit and chose PayPal as payment method. Now, you will have to provide your PayPal email address and follow the pop up to complete your transaction.